"Last year, Colby called and said he was looking for an old car. “What a coinkidink,” says we, “So are we, dood!” Well, it turned out that Colby was looking for an old car for a very specific and noble purpose: he was gonna set out across the country from here in San Francisco and write a book about whatever it was he was about to find as he drove east.

Much as we begged, he wouldn’t let us come along. Something about creative license and the whole “lone wolf/no club” essence of the thing. We could dig it. So, we did our part and tracked down a nifty little copper ’64 Comet Caliente hardtop coupe in the Outer Mission neighborhood of the city that fit the bill. Colby ran it around the block for a few minutes, bought it and was off like a pennystick with a long fuse.

Lost In America; A Dead-End Journey is now complete, bound and shipped. Colby does a road trip the way we would: off the beaten path and into the beautiful grit that just can’t be found at a Cracker Barrel or a Flying J or an Olive Garden or a La Quinta. Or by cold A/C, cruise control and electric windows. Colby’s seen some of the worst the world has to offer in places most of us couldn’t even imagine, so he digs around the forgotten parts of our country with absolute fearlessness and reminds us all that we’re really only a half-filled Wal-Mart cart away from completely going off the reservation if we’re not careful. And mindful of what’s truly, truly important, at the end of the day.

You can get your copy of Lost In America at, of course, but you can actually talk to Colby directly thanks to the wonders of Facebook (here). Right on, Colby. Nailed it. Again."