BBC NEWS: Finding therapy in an Iraq blog

Former soldier Colby Buzzell's blog My War: Killing Time in Iraq has won the second annual Lulu Blooker prize for the best blog turned into a book. He talked to the BBC News website about his writing.

Colby Buzzell is blunt about his motivation for starting his blog, which he posted on the internet for eight weeks from Mosul in 2004 - boredom.

He was into the eighth month of a year-long deployment to Iraq and was looking for a way to "kill time", when he read an article about blogging in Time magazine and decided to give it a go.

He started posting from an internet cafe on the army base, attracting a wide audience - and a buzz among book publishers - before the military ordered him to close his blog for security reasons.

"For me, it was therapeutic to write about what I was experiencing. It's a pretty lonely experience even though you are always around people and always doing stuff," he says.

"You have this feeling like you are stuck there and never going to come home and days just go on and on...

"Writing about it helped to break up the monotony, gave you something to look forward to each day."