Down and Out With the American Dream by Matt Gallagher

"The pages of Lost in America soak themselves in whiskey shots and cigarette smoke, as Buzzell pursues the intoxicated underbelly of the various cities and towns he visits. The constant barroom philosophizing from the locals he meets gets tiring, but this hard-drinking, hardcore posturing isn’t just for show. Last spring, after meeting at a war writers’ symposium, Buzzell and I wandered the East Village on an impromptu pub crawl. On that night, he always seemed dissatisfied with where we were, and wanted to keep moving in pursuit of the literal and figurative “something else.” After ending up at the infamous Mars Bar (RIP) on hour six of our odyssey, I practically crawled outside for a taxi at two or so in the morning, desperate to get back home to Brooklyn. Buzzell, who’s built like a linebacker, looked at me incredulously, said “later on,” and turned to the overly pierced East Village weirdo on his left to chat him up for his life story. Whatever one thinks of Buzzell’s worldview and the means he uses to elicit opinions from the people he meets, just know it’s genuine—something bizarrely refreshing, despite all its grime."