Inside Capitalist China: A Tour de Force Travelogue

Digging a Hole All the Way to America
By Colby Buzzell

So if China is now the world capital of rapacious, bloodthirsty capitalism, then that must make Shenzhen, a city of eleven million that didn't exist twenty years ago, the most bloodthirsty city on earth. But not without its charms.


Illustration by Eddie Guy

Illustration by Eddie Guy

From the Washington Post:

"Buzzell is not a China correspondent. He's not really even a reporter. He's a 31-year-old Californian, a former stoner and skate punk who joined the Army and served as a combat infantryman in Iraq in 2003. He started blogging about his experiences in Iraq. The blog attracted a lot of attention and became the basis of Buzzell's widely praised book, "My War: Killing Time in Iraq." Now, Esquire periodically sends Buzzell out to some interesting part of the world to wander around and report what he sees in a style that could be described as "chatty, with attitude."