"In 2005, author Colby Buzzell gained national attention with My War: Killing Time in Iraq, his memoir of serving as an infantryman in post-invasion Iraq. Buzzell, an avowed fan of punk rock and metal, wrote with a directness and humor absent from mainstream war reporting, earning him praise from major publications and novelist Kurt Vonnegut.

Buzzell returns this month with Lost in America: A Dead End Journey, an account of his cross-country voyage in a problematic 1965 Mercury Comet. Although the book began as an effort to retrace Jack Kerouac's trip from On the Road, Buzzell flipped the assignment on its head by driving from the West Coast into America's midsection.
We talked to Buzzell about his new book, the role of music in his writing, and how he found hope for America's recovery in unexpected places - namely, Detroit."